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Would you like to be a referee?  Some things you want to know.

You must be a registered member of the Great Plains Region.  If you have been a member before, you would need to renew your membership.  Membership fees are $40/year for a referee.  This includes a background screening through USA Volleyball.

Official USA Volleyball Uniform requirements:

  • Certified Polo shirt (long or short sleeve)  Order now:
  • Navy Pants
  • Black or Navy belt if pants have belt loops
  • White shoes
  • White Socks

Referee Gear:

  • Whistle
  • Lanyard
  • Red and Yellow cards
  • Flipping Coin
  • Referee Bag to carry gear
  • Net Chain
  • Ball Pump and Ball Pressure Gauge
  • Line Judge Flags

Roof Sports Wear has complete kits you can buy. 


You will be required to take an open book test on USA Volleyball rules and you will have to correct it to 100%.  After you have registered, passed a background screening, taken the referee test and corrected to 100%, you will be scheduled to be evaluated.  This evaluation is basic feedback on what you need to work on and the proper mechanics and techniques used by USA Volleyball officials.

Official's Clinic - See Advanced Ref Clinic page


Great Plains Availability Calendar  --  Contact Great Plains Region to be added to the group.

Get your PDF copy of the Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR) here. 

Other events outside the region.  Contact the Region if you are interested in attending some of these events.

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