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Increased Mastery and Application of Coaching Theory

An introductory coaching class required by USA Volleyball for all new club coaches.

Several ways to receive your IMPACT certification:

A.  FREE - Attend a Great Plains region IMPACT webinar:

  • 3-4 hour Live on-line class.
  • more info to the right and below
  • TO REGISTER FOR THE webinar class
    see schedule below.


B.  FREE - Attend a USAV IMPACT On-Demand class: 

  • 4 hour on-line class
  • see below for more information
  • TO REGISTER FOR On-Demand class:
    1.  log into your USA membership record

    2.  to the left select USAV Clinics, then Coaching Clinics
    3.  scroll down until you see 2018-2019 USAV IMPACT on-demand
    4.  to the far right select Participant Registration

C.  Attend a USAV IMPACT webinar: 

  • payable to USA Volleyball
  • 4 hour Live on-line class.
  • Does not include SafeSport
  • If you  hold a Physical Education (or equivalent) degree, you may present documentation to the National Office for review & if approved, may order the current year IMPACT Manual and test from the National Office; once the test is passed, the National office will issue an IMPACT Certificate.  Contact:  This process may take 4-5 weeks.
  •  If you have attended and passed the NFHS online course titled Fundamentals of Coaching Volleyball, you may present documentation to the National Office for review & when approved, may order the current year IMPACT Manual and test from the National Office; once the test is passed, the National office will issue an IMPACT Certificate.  USAV National office also accepts the ASEP Principles of Coaching online course, as well as other similar courses (upon review of curriculum) for this route towards IMPACT Certification.  Contact:  This process may take 4-5 weeks.  

2019 IMPACT Schedule

Print Schedule

  1. All classes are LIVE On-Line Webinars and, will work with computers, tablets, phones and other mobile devices.   
  2. Click on the IMPACT number to register.   
  3. If you take this class and you don't have the Safe Sport.  Then you will need to take the 2 hr Safe Sport On-Demand course.  See Safe Sport at top.
Month Date Deadline to
Receive Book
Time Location Cost



 ► IMPACT # 1

  Thu, Nov 15   Mon, Nov 12   6:00-9:30 pm   on-line **Free

 ► IMPACT # 2

  Tue, Nov 27   Fri, Nov 23   6:00-9:30 pm   on-line **Free

 ► IMPACT # 3

  Mon, Dec 3   Thu, Nov 29   6:00-9:30 pm   on-line **Free

 ► IMPACT # 4

  Tue, Dec 11   Fri, Dec 7   6:00-9:30 pm   on-line **Free

 ► IMPACT # 5

  Thu, Jan 10   Mon, Jan 7   6:00-9:30 pm   on-line **Free

 ► IMPACT # 6

  Tue, Jan 15   Fri, Jan 11   6:00-9:30 pm   on-line **Free

 ► IMPACT # 7

  Thu, Feb 7   Mon, Feb 4   6:00-9:30 pm   on-line **Free
*The IMPACT manual will be mailed to you for the Great Plains webinar classes.  If you can go to the office and pick up the book, you can register at least 3-4 hrs before the class.

** Anyone can register for this class, but you must register and pay as a member before you will be approved for the class.   If you are not a member of the Great Plains Region, the cost is $75. 

USAV will provide you with the IMPACT manual for their on-demand and webinar classes.


IMPACT Webinar Registration

  • You must be a REGISTERED and PAID member of the Great Plains Region before we can approve you for the IMPACT webinar class !!   
  • The IMPACT webinar is a live 3-4 hr class
    • log in and participate in the class with the instructor.                


  • Click on the IMPACT number, and the link will take you to the GoToWebinar IMPACT registration form.
  • When we receive your registration, we will verify that you are a paid full member in the Great Plains region.
  • Then we will approve you for the class.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email from GoToWebinar with your log-in information to get into the class.
  • We will then mail you an IMPACT book to use for the class.


Webinar Class Information


  • 15 minutes prior to the class start time, when you log in, you will need to download the GoToWebinar software.


  • The instructor will talk through a slideshow presentation that you will see on your computer.
  • The instructor will verbally ask you questions during the class and you will use the text messaging system in GoToWebinar to answer and participate.
  • The instructor will also launch questions that will pop up on your screen for you to answer.  You will have about 1-2 min to answer these "Poll" questions.
  • You will need to be attentive during the class and answer the questions 80% correctly for a pass/fail grade. 
  • The GoToWebinar tracks all of your responses.  And they will be graded the next day.


  • The next day we will check everyone's questions for a pass/fail grade.
  • We will email you a confirmation within 1-2 days of the class whether you passed or failed.  We will then update your membership record with the IMPACT certification.
  • Upon passing, we will email you an IMPACT certificate within 3-5 days of the class.


Webinar vs On-Demand


  • Does not include SafeSport
  • There will be two Great Plains IMPACT webinar classes per month from Nov - Feb.  
  • A Webinar is a live on-line class that you can take on a computer anywhere in the USA.  You will need to register for this class ahead of time to get approved.  After registration, you will receive a login to get into the class.  
  • You will need to participate with questions and answers during the class to pass.
  • The class time is about 3-4 hrs
  • For Great Plains members, we will mail you an IMPACT manual for this class.
  • The webinar course will work with computers, tablets, phones and other mobile devices. 


  • Does not include SafeSport
  • The IMPACT on-demand is a 4 hour session available anytime day or night.  It is designed to stop and restart whenever necessary. 
  • FREE for USAV members and $100 for non-members. 
  • An electronic pdf copy of the IMPACT Manual is included with the on-demand course.
  • For the class, you will watch a short video and then answer questions correctly to continue the class for each section.

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