Roster Status

Once all players and staff have accepted their Club Assignment Invites and completed their Membership Eligibility Requirements, the roster will show up as Approved and the roster can be printed. 

Please note that each roster does require a staff member be listed a Head Coach.

Rostering Help Articles
You can review your roster in Governing Seasons to view Member Eligibility Status as well.

How to Download/Print Official Rosters
Coaches MUST have rosters printed in order for their team to compete in a tournament.


Tournament Entry Fees

Tournament entry fees ensure that the tournament is sanctioned by the Great Plains Region and USA Volleyball. This allows the tournament results to be configured into Regional Ranking points and be covered by USA Volleyball insurance.

GOLD Entry Fee = $190
Match: Best of 3 Sets to 25 Points
Paid R1 for Each Match

SILVER Entry Fee = $120
Match: Play 2 Sets to 25 Points (Start at 7)

SPLIT SESSION Entry Fee = $90
Tournaments can offer a morning and an afternoon session.
Saturday only
Play 2 Sets to 25 Points (Start at 7)