11th Grade Girls Who Fall Into 18's By the Age Definition

USA Volleyball passed a new rule for the 2021 and following seasons that high school junior girls (11th grade) who are defined as 18's athletes by the USAV Age Definition (born on or before September 1, 2002) are eligible to play in the 17's with an age waiver in both region and USA Volleyball national events.

For example: A 17 year old female player who is considered by the Age Definition to compete on an 18's team and is still in the 11th grade for the current academic year, may compete on their 17's team in a qualifying division for both National Qualifiers and the Girls Junior National Championships with a waiver from their region.
This was put in place for recruiting purposes to prevent an athlete from having to play in the 18's Division twice.
This is ONLY for high school juniors.

Please Note: The "frozen player rule" would still be enforced.  A player can play on both a 17's & 18's team during the season, but would become frozen to a roster with whatever team they qualify with first and would no longer be eligible to play for both teams in qualification.

Age Waivers

Age Waivers allow athletes to play a Division below their birthday cutoff (July 1). Age Waivers are for In-Region play only. Athletes are NOT allowed to play in a lower Age Division at USA Volleyball sanctioned national events.

With the new SportsEngine system, there is no need to fill out an age waiver request. When you add an age waivered athlete to a roster, it will automatically be flagged and the Region Office will go in and accept.