1) Creating a SportsEngine Account

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This step only creates and affiliates you to SportsEngine. It DOES NOT affiliate you with Great Plains, USA Volleyball or a specific club.

The PARENT/GUARDIAN is the one who will create a SportsEngine account. Once logged in, you will be able to add a child/athlete in which to purchase a membership for. This will add the child under your SportsEngine household. Each profile will have their own name and date of birth, but all will be housed under the same email. 

All memberships for juniors MUST be purchased under the parent/guardian's SportsEngine account as you are required to be at least 18 years of age in order to purchase a membership and sign waivers.

If a family has multiple players, they can all have their membership information in the same master account, using one set of login credentials (called a "family account").  This is different than past seasons.  In the old system, all individuals had to have their own login.  In SE, the primary account holder would be a parent, and each child would have their own profile within that account.

Divorced Families:
Athlete profiles can be shared under two household accounts.

Data Migration & Webpoint

Much of your old data from Webpoint will be migrated over to the new SE MMS.  When purchasing a membership, the system will look to match your first name, last name, and date of birth with a membership record from Webpoint and if a match is found, data migration will happen automatically.

If you were a member in previous years, please use the same first and last name and DOB when purchasing a membership in the new system. This is especially important for adults who have current credentials (background screen, SafeSport, IMPACT, etc.) to ensure those migrate into the new system.