2) Purchase a Membership

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  This step affiliates (registers) the participant with Great Plains Region and USA Volleyball but DOES NOT affiliate them to a specific club.

Once the SportsEngine account is created, you may then purchase a membership.
NOTE: You will no longer choose a club in the membership purchase process, starting this year the club program will send the athlete the invite to join their club. 



Membership cards in the new system will be digital.  You will have the ability to pull up a QR code on your phone, and that code can be scanned to show all of the relevant information about a member.



Memberships through SportsEngine may be paid by using a credit card (recommended). Choosing to pay by credit card will activate the Great Plains Region membership and USA Volleyball membership immediately once approved.

If you do not wish to pay using a credit card, you may send the entire membership fee by check to the Great Plains Region Office BEFORE you apply for the membership. When the payment is received, you will be sent a link to complete your membership. 

Please include the following with the check (make check payable to GPRVA):

  1. Name of the person being registered
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Age Division

NOTE: Your membership will not be approved until we have received your check and you have completed the eligibility requirements from the link you will receive.

Where the Fees Go

For those who have registered before, when you purchase a membership, you will see something a little different than in the past.  A portion of everyone's membership fees have always been sent to USA Volleyball.  The Region would send this portion to USA Volleyball based on the type of membership.  This has not changed. 

You will now see two separate transactions on your credit card statement.  One transaction for the region portion and one transaction for the USAV portion.  These two transactions will equal the full price of the membership. 

You will also see two memberships in your SportsEngine account for the same person/season.  A Great Plains membership and a USA Volleyball membership.

RMF: Regional Membership Fee (Amount Paid to Regions)
The Region uses these funds to cover the cost of operations and programming.

NRF: National Registration Fee (Amount Paid to USAV)
USA Volleyball uses these fees to cover the cost of insurance, coaching education, and USAV events such as National Qualifiers, National Championships, and High Performance. 

These two pieces make up the Total Fee paid by a member.

Note:  For those who need a background screening, there will be a separate charge as it will not be part of the registration process.  You will apply for the background screening after the member registration is complete.  There will also be a processing fee charged.

Multiple Membership Roles

If you will be participating in multiple roles during the season (ex. coach/official, player/junior aged coach) this will require multiple memberships (at no additional cost)

Please contact the Region Office for instructions on how to proceed with your secondary membership registration.

Purchased a Membership Under the Wrong SportsEngine Account?

You may have multiple SportsEngine accounts setup through various sporting organizations. If you purchase a membership under the wrong SportsEngine account (example: under an account that houses an email you no longer use), please contact the Region Office and we will merge those accounts for you.