Q: I purchased a membership as a parent instead of for my athlete.
A: Contact the Region Office and we will issue a refund.

Q: How do I complete eligibility requirements?
A: How to Complete Eligibility Requirements PDF

Q: How do I complete my USAV Academy Ref & Score requirements?
A: How to Access and Complete Ref & Score Modules

Q: Will my credentials pull over from the old system? (Example: ref/score clinics, IMPACT, SafeSport, etc.)
A: Yes! As long as your first name, last name, and date of birth match from the old system, your credentials will appear. If they did not, please email the Region Office and we will correct that in the system.

Q: Where do I select my club program?
A: This year the club director will send an invite to the athlete to join their club program. Login to your SportsEngine account. You will be able to accept the club assignment with the blue "Accept Assignment" button.

Q: How do I access my Great Plains Region Membership Card
A: Membership cards in the new system will be digital.  You will have the ability to pull up a QR code on your phone, and that code can be scanned to show all of the relevant information about a member.

Q: I have multiple SportsEngine accounts.
A: You may have multiple SportsEngine accounts setup through various sporting organizations. If you purchase a membership under the wrong SportsEngine account (example: under an account that houses an email you no longer use), please contact the Region Office and we will merge those accounts for you.

Q: If I have a divorced parent situation, can an athlete be shared under two different SportsEngine Households?
A: Yes! Athlete profiles can be shared under two household accounts.

Q: I don't have a club team to play for.
A: Check out our Club Listings page for a list of club programs looking for athletes to fill roster spots!