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Member Registration Page

Registration Information

ALL members will register directly with the Region! The on-line database system allows for electronic signatures. This includes signatures for Waiver and Release of Liability, USA Volleyball Code of Conduct, and Background Screening Consent forms. No paperwork needs to be printed and turned into the Great Plains office. Once you register on-line and your membership payment is received at the Great Plains office, your membership will be activated. A background screening does not START until the member has been activated.

LL members must have a current membership (from previous year) or complete an online member registration  before they can participate in tryouts for the current season.  
This does NOT include membership fees.
THIS IS FOR TRYOUTS ONLY!!! .  When they have been selected for a team, they would then pay for the membership at that time.  All players must print a copy of last year's membership card (if before Nov 1), the current year's membership card (if membership has been paid and activated already) or membership application confirmation email and present it at each tryout you attend. Membership cards are only available to print from your membership account when you have a current membership.  ALL OTHER PARTICIPATION AFTER TRYOUTS REQUIRE A CURRENT MEMBERSHIP.

If you register prior to the region’s signing date, you CAN select UNDECIDED as your club name. After you sign with a club, you must log back into your account and change your club affiliation. If you originally picked a specific club, and you are not playing for that club, you must contact the registrar –, to have your club affiliation changed.

Players that fall in the 11 & under age category (see Age Definition chart on website) will register for $25. You will see this option listed as an “Other Junior” member category. This is a full membership which allows them to play at any tournament within region or out of region.
Players that fall in the 8 & under age division (See Age Definition chart on website) will register for free.  This membership is only good for IN-REGION play.

A Medical History and Release form must be completed by every junior player and given to their club director. This form can be printed from the confirmation page during the registration process or can be obtained from the FORMS section on the Great Plains website or from the club director. DO NOT SEND the medical history and release form to the Great Plains office.

If any parent or member does not want to agree to the electronic signature process, you must contact Commissioner Sue Mailhot ( for further instructions

If paying by cash or check, send membership fees to:
Great Plains Region
7595 Main Street
Ralston NE 68127
Checks must be made payable to: GPRVA .  Please include the name of the registered member in the memo section of the check

NOTHING NEEDS TO BE SENT: No paperwork needs to be sent since you signed the Waiver and Release of Liability and the Code of Conduct online. We only need registration fees to activate the membership if paying by check or cash.

*COACHES: The background screening policies remain the same. Background screenings are good for two years. The system will prompt you if your background screening has expired. When you select any Junior Club role, the system will automatically verify if your background screen is current. If not current, an additional screen will appear to authorize the completion of the background screening process. After completing the background information screen, you will electronically sign the consent form by checking the box then clicking process now. You will then be automatically directed back to complete your online registration. The background screening cannot begin until the membership fee is received in the Great Plains office.

ALL registrations MUST be completed AND ACTIVATED before you can participate in ANY club activity for the season. THIS INCLUDES PRACTICES AND TRYOUTS!!!

Register early to avoid any problems.

If you register with the region, but are not selected for a club, you can request a refund by contacting the Great Plains Region ( by December 31 of that season or within 30 days of the membership being activated.  Also see our Refund Policy information
If you have any questions or problems with the registration process, please contact: