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41 United T-Shirt Sales & Grant Application

By Great Plains Region Office, 06/23/20, 12:00PM CDT


The 41 United Grant was created to provide financial assistance to our volleyball clubs and members who have been economically harmed due to the volleyball slowdown and world economic slowdown.

As 40 Regions working as 1 Family, the 41 United Grant will fund need based grants through a one-of-a-kind 41 United t-shirt sales campaign. The proceeds of this t-shirt campaign will be distributed as grants to Clubs and members. Clubs and members who are in need of a momentary financial lift will submit a 41 United Grant Application. Criteria on eligibility to receive a grant and amounts of the grant have been established so that the administering of this joint effort is consistent across all 40 Regions. The Grant Committee will process and review each applicant and award grants based on need.

As mentioned earlier, the 41 United Grant will be funded through a one-of-a-kind 41 United T-Shirt campaign. We know that times are tough. However, if you are able to purchase a t-shirt or t-shirts then you will have made a positive difference in the volleyball community. We have kept the selection and purchase process simple to reduce cost and to increase the amount in the fund. The success of this 41 United effort will require the volleyball community to come together. It is the first time that all 40 Regions have taken on such an adventure together. We would also like to include you on this adventure. If you are not in need of a financial lift nor choose to purchase a t-shirt, we understand. You are still a part of a wonderful volleyball community and family.



To fill out an application, submit your answers to the following questions here:

Clubs will fill out a grant application form and submit it via a secure online form.  Grant application will capture the following information:

• If a club has applied for PPP or EIDL loans already, and if so, status of funding.
• If a club owns or leases a facility
• Number of staff
• Number of teams
• Asks if club has refunded members
• Request a copy of current profit & loss statement

For more information on the 41 United Grant Program, email: