This membership is for any adult who will be participating as a certified official with Great Plains and USA volleyball. Official Membership is valid from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

LIMITATIONS:  This may NOT be used for coaching.

Will You Be Coaching?

If you will be participating in multiple roles during the season (ex. coach and official) this will require multiple memberships (at no additional cost).

Please contact the Region Office for instructions on how to proceed with your secondary membership registration.


Current PAVO members will already have this insurance in place.  For more information on the coverage, click the document Extended Officials Insurance.  If you wish to apply, click the link below.


  1. Purchase a Great Plains Region membership.
  2. Background Check
    • Background screenings will be a separate purchase, done after your membership purchase is complete.  This is different than past seasons.  You will automatically receive a link via e-mail to purchase a BGS. USAV has changed their background screening policy and has increased the cost to members - $30 for two years, which includes a supplemental screening prior to the second season (this cost is not paid to Great Plains and Great Plains does not collect any money from background screen charges).
  3. SafeSport:  Attend and pass this course every year. After the initial test, only the refresher course is required annually.  Safety for all participants of USA Volleyball.  ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.  Required by USA Volleyball.  
  4. Complete the appropriate certification level online clinic: Your clinic link will be emailed to you when you purchase your membership via SportsEngine account.  If you feel the wrong clinic was sent, contact Bill Stanley.
  5. Complete the Referee Test: All regionally certified referees will take either the Form A exam or the Form C exam. This is an open book test on USA Volleyball rules and you will have to correct it to 100%.  The test will be included within the online clinic that is loaded for you.
  6. Complete On-Court Evaluations:   After you have completed all the above requirements, you will be scheduled to be evaluated. This evaluation is basic feedback on what you need to work on and the proper mechanics and techniques used by USA Volleyball officials.  Referees are not paid for the matches they are evaluated.
  7. Complete Score Sheets: All referees should have some basic knowledge of the USAV Score Sheet.  Depending on your certification, all referees will need to keep score on a minimum of one (1) match.  All score sheets must be completed and turned in by February 1. Score sheets are to be sent to the Great Plains Region Office or emailed to Bill Stanley.

The deadline to complete all Requirements is February 1 of each year.


  1. No referees will be paid for matches until their requirements are complete.
  2. Your certification will not show as current until you have completed ALL of the requirements.
  3. After February 1, you will not be assigned to matches until all certification requirements have been met. After that date, if you have completed the registration, clinic, and exam requirements, you may notify the Great Plains office if you want to be assigned to a tournament to complete any remaining observations or score sheets.

All certification requirements must be completed by February 1 each season.


For officiating opportunities at National Qualifiers, National Tournaments, etc., please visit the link below or contact the Region Office if you are interested in attending some of these events.